Fall in love with your voice.

An alchemical blend of life coaching and vocal development, using the voice to access the core potential of each person.

As the only coach of this kind in the UK, it is a genuine pleasure to offer you the incredibly transformative effects of vocal life coaching.

As a qualified life coach, professional singer and experienced vocal coach, I believe every voice has a natural beauty and value of its own, an incredible vehicle to express who we are and why we are here. 

Each session is tailored to meet the different needs of each individual. This approach helps people find and express their authentic voice at every stage of development - from beginners to professionals. Find out more.

Choose from a number of inspiring singing programmes whether you are a beginner or fully fledged artist.

The sessions are creatively eclectic, you can pick one of a number off the shelf or you can design programmes bespoke to you.

Additionally I offer performance, songwriting and creative life coaching services that can be tailored to meet your creative needs.