The menstrual cycle has long been a taboo subject in societies around the world.

This has resulted in a widespread culture of menstruating staff being afraid of the consequences of being open about their menstrual symptoms and needs in the workplace, in case of being deemed weaker or less employable than other employees. The suppression of the menstrual cycle in the workplace has meant that menstruating staff experience shame and unnecessary suffering (including endometriosis, dysmenorrhea) whilst their colleagues may feel uncomfortable to address the topic and/or offer support. 

As former People Development Manager (PDM), of Coexist, and as someone who herself has suffered with dysmenorrhea for over 25 years, Bex is working with Coexist pioneering the idea of a menstrual policy to support menstruating staff. 

More information on the Period Policy at Coexist can be found here:

Bringing more awareness to the cycle actually helps to minimise the adverse effects experienced, which, in time supports the employee and therefore the company.

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