Find Your Voice


1 hour singing lesson @ £40
6 weeks @ £200

A programme suited to you non-professional singers out there who may be curious to explore the potential of your natural singing voice.

Whether you’d like to sing for your own pleasure, personal development, or something more, the 'Finding your Voice' programme encourages you to gently reveal the value and beauty inherent in your authentic sound and develop the basic vocal techniques needed to express yourself and improve confidence.

Some of the techniques covered: body awareness/body scans, correct breathing technique, connecting to your authentic voice, understanding the use of diction and phrasing, defining and exploring range and vocal placement.


  • A sense of freedom in your vocal and performance ability,
  • A sense of wellbeing and pleasure that comes with appreciating your authentic voice,
  • Self-acceptance and improved self-confidence,
  • Understanding correct placement and breathing,
  • Increased strength of vocal range and tone,
  • Learn songs that celebrate you

Grow Your Voice


1 hour session @ £50
6 weeks @ £250

A programme most suited to those of you who have already completed the Finding your voice 6 week programme, or those of you already experienced in singing who would like to take your vocal technique and message to the next level.

Singers can bring their own songs and instruments to these sessions.

Some of the techniques covered; stamina singing, learning to launch sound, mastering the art of head voice (falsetto), advanced breathing techniques, relative pitch awareness and accuracy, enhancing your natural tone and style.


  • Deeper natural tone, style and approach,
  • Increased stamina,
  • Breath control,
  • Refine your top and lower range,
  • Heal perfectionism or limiting habitual patterns,
  • Learn to launch and project sound safely and powerfully

Bespoke lessons are also available, please contact me.