“An inspired approach to achieving full authentic self expression”.

Vocal Life Coaching is a transformative process that uses a dynamic framework to draw out the most authentic sound for singers and performers.

An integrated coaching system that effectively releases the core restrictions to singing authentically, healing the common problems of both perfectionism and low confidence and challenging the barriers to full self expression.

Unlike other traditional singing lessons, this unique approach goes beyond the voice as an instrument and connects to the heart of who you are and what you really want to communicate emotionally and creatively. It works from the perspective that we are most satisfied when our 'inner' voice, our emotional truth is aligned with our ‘outer’ voice and creative self expression.

As a Vocal Life Coach, I prepare a safe nurturing space from which you can embrace a healthy relationship with expressing vulnerability and emotion through the medium of your voice. I work to assist you to discover the innate intelligence within your own sound, take your space in the world and reach your goals vocally, creatively and on a personal development level.

The benefits:

  • Healing perfectionism
  • Empowering vulnerability
  • Celebrating uniqueness
  • Freeing the authentic voice
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence