As a facilitator, Bex works with organisations to make meaningful change.

Bex’s has brought about powerful change and transformation for a diverse array of individuals and groups.

Her coaching work has improved the personal and professional lives of many, and at the heart of her work has been the art of empowering people to find their authentic voice and have the confidence to express their unique offering to the world.

With the Co-Exist team at Hamilton House Office – 2017

Challenging & Creating

TEDx Talk – Bristol 2017

Bex Baxter was working as People Development Manager of Bristol based Coexist – a social enterprise, based on a philosophy of open hearted and active engagement – when she pioneered a more respectful and open approach to periods.

Bex suffered with dysmenorrhea for over 25 years, and had been witness to menstruating staff suffering significant physical discomfort at work during their menstrual cycle. 

This led her to develop a Menstrual policy for Coexist. “I saw that Menstrual leave is a basic human right for all menstruating staff (otherwise known as women) and that Coexist could pave a new way for menstruation in the workplace.” 

Working with her colleagues and Lara Owen (leader at the forefront of menstruation and author of ‘Blood is Gold’), together they created a policy that could be monitored and evaluated by Monash university, Australia.

 Consultation, Facilitation, Workshops & Talks


“We have piloted a policy that empowers women and men alike, to harnesses greater productivity, creativity and well-being, a policy that recognises menstruation not as a liability or a problem, or as women getting ‘special treatment’ but as a natural cycle that allows everyone to work and live at their optimum.”