Finding Purpose in Turbulent Times

Recently, I have been questioning my purpose and role in this unprecedented time. What is being asked of us? How do we use our power and purpose to support friends, loved ones and the wider world as they navigate all this uncertainty? It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless about our role at this time.

But what if our sense of purpose has never left us and is just waiting for us to tap into it?

The Aborigine ‘Three Brains’

Aboriginal Australians believe that the body holds three brains. The biggest brain is the gut – the instinct – and it sits in the belly. The second biggest brain is the heart – the emotions. The smallest brain, the logical brain, sits in the head and to the Aborigines is really only needed for counting!

Some Aboriginals would say that Westerners complicate our lives because we prioritise the wrong brain. We give most importance to our head and so collectively reinforce the idea that we are our thoughts. Our ‘head brain’ gives rise to our inner critic – the voice that without fail kicks in, tricks us, tells us we are not good enough and should play a smaller game, especially when we are ready to grow, or take a risk on love or the next evolution in our lives.

What if the Aborigines are onto something, and our way is limiting and steering us away from our true path? What if instead, we change our focus and start listening differently, deepening our trust in the innate intelligence of our body? What if all our answers lie within and there is a reliability and predictability to it? What if our source of power and purpose is constantly speaking to us, trying to get our attention sometimes through dreams, sometimes whispers, through uncomfortable feelings in the belly, or a heart longing, or sometimes through what makes our heart sing or inspires us?

Listening To Your Body

It’s taken me a while to trust my inner voice or intuition and to also know which voice to listen to. Over time, I have learnt to listen more and more to my body, the intelligence of the ‘gut feeling’ and my heart’s desire but also its pain. For me and for so many women I’ve worked with, the body is an access point.

When I listen, my hands are back on the steering wheel. I realign and feel grounded. I reconnect to my power and purpose and to feelings of love and joy for myself and others. It alleviates a low ebb anxiety, and the wider sense of chaos. I get my authentic, empowered voice back. I come back home to myself, to trust me, to relying on myself, and I remember again that I am enough.

How to Check in With Yourself

So, what if all there is to do for the world, your friends and family, and to be true to yourself, is to make space in your day to get to know your voices, make friends with all of them? Knowing the difference, which ones are guiding voices and which ones are just your version of ‘resistance’ playing themselves out? It’s not always obvious but with the right method and set of tools it becomes easier.

Maybe for you finding your authentic voice can be found….

  • Writing a stream of consciousness over your morning coffee
  • Meditation, prayer
  • Some well needed silence
  • Singing or dancing
  • Talking to a dear friend over a cup of tea
  • Life coaching, counselling
  • Or just simply by shouting into the wind, the sea or the rain.

Whatever your ‘way’, it seems time for us, especially women right now, to take our space, rise up, listen lovingly to each of our voices and find the courage together. Step by step we can believe in ourselves and start living our truth, unapologetically and in celebration. When we tap into our three brains, we always have a light in the storm, something we can always rely on to guide us, and we don’t have to wait until the chaos passes to know the way ahead.


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Finding Purpose in Turbulent Times

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