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Vocal & Life Coaching

Intermediate/Advanced Students

A programme most suited to students who have already completed the 6 week ‘Find Your Voice’ programme. Or for more experienced singers who would like to refine their sound, advance their vocal technique and/or take their artist-vocal message to the next level. 

Students are welcome to bring their own songs and instruments to these sessions.

Singing Techniques Covered

  • Advanced breathing
  • Personalised vocal warm up
  • Increased vocal strength and stamina
  • Vocal apparatus knowledge and practice
  • Mastery of head voice & chest voice
  • Refine the identity and texture of your natural tone, timbre and vocal style
  • Analyse and further clarify song message, structure, delivery and impact
  • Expand range, align registers and increase resonance
  • Embody the art of authentic performance

Life Coaching Themes Covered

  • Loosening emotional or psychological blocks
  • Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs
  • Advanced goal setting
  • Enhancing positive relationship to your authentic voice
  • Overcoming underlying fear and shame
  • Healing perfectionism and self sabotage
  • Expressing & liberating our truth and wider voice
  • Cultivating a healthy relationship to sharing vulnerability
Typical Outcomes
  • A sense of expansion from reducing limiting habitual patterns
  • Increased vocal strength & confidence
  • Enhanced abdominal control
  • Understanding of how to use vocal apparatus for better results
  • Richer, natural authentic tone and style
  • Increased breath control, and vocal delivery
  • Increased stamina and resilience
  • Mastery of vocal registers
  • Freedom from the constraints of perfectionism & self sabotage
  • New confidence to launch and project sound safely and powerfully
  • A feeling of enjoyment and excitement that come from a new, empowered

Bex & Fraser –  The Garlic Farm – Isle of Wight

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Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown and to respect social distancing, all 1-2-1 sessions will be held via zoom.

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Gift Vouchers

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