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Find Your Voice


Whether you’d like to sing for your own pleasure, personal development, or something more, this programme encourages you to gently reveal the value and beauty inherent in your authentic sound.

Through this course, you will develop the foundational vocal techniques needed to express yourself and improve vocal confidence.

Grow Your Voice


A programme most suited to students who have already completed the 6 week ‘Find Your Voice’ programme. Or for more experienced singers who would like to refine their sound, advance their vocal technique and/or take their artist-vocal message to the next level. 

Students are welcome to bring their own songs and instruments to these sessions.

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Why work with me?

I was born into a musical family, and found my love of singing early in life.

I began playing the piano at 8 years old, and by 14 trained with the Alicia Bardsley youth choir with whom I performed at the Royal Albert Hall for BBC’s Choir of the year. The rigorous training, and the exposure to performance, developed my technical understanding of vocal harmony and the standard technical approach to performance-level singing.

But it wasn’t until I started to perform solo that I began to explore my own sound and vocal expression, tapping into something inside me that touched audiences and adjudicators. My ability to express emotion through sound found me consistently winning regional dancing, singing and piano competitions.

Now, I’m inspired to help others on their singing journey, and look forward to helping you find and grow your voice.


As the only qualified coach of this kind in the UK, it is a genuine pleasure to offer you the transformative effects of a combination approach to singing.

Unlike other traditional singing lessons, I offer a unique approach that goes beyond the voice as an instrument and connects to the heart of who you are and what you really want to communicate emotionally and creatively. 

As a singer, teacher and coach, I prepare a safe nurturing space from which you can embrace a healthy relationship with expressing vulnerability and emotion through the medium of your voice. I work to assist you to discover the innate intelligence within your own sound, take your space in the world and reach your goals vocally, creatively and on a personal development level.