Singing Lessons

Danielle Styles 

Singer/songwriter & facilitator
“I really feel like she hears me, not as I am now, but as my voice has the potential to be….She has actually changed my life”

Aoife Twomey

Vocal student

“I think Bex creates such a safe environment not only to explore voice technique but also the things that are blocking us, holding us back.”

Elisabeth Winker

Award-winning writer, journalist and editor. 

“I learnt songs, I then sang in public and if that wasn’t enough, the extraordinary thing about working with Bex, is that she is more than a vocal coach, she’s a life coach. Two for one, thank you Bex.”

Emily Ball

Circus performer

“Bex is such a great teacher, she’s fantastic, she’s very encouraging! She has a lovely energy to work with. She’s got a very authentic and caring approach to the way that she delivers and she meets you where your at, which is the most important thing”