Danielle Styles 

Singer/songwriter & facilitator
“I really feel like she hears me, not as I am now, but as my voice has the potential to be….She has actually changed my life”

Aoife Twomey

Vocal student

“I think Bex creates such a safe environment not only to explore voice technique but also the things that are blocking us, holding us back.”

Elisabeth Winker

Award-winning writer, journalist and editor. 

“I learnt songs, I then sang in public and if that wasn’t enough, the extraordinary thing about working with Bex, is that she is more than a vocal coach, she’s a life coach. Two for one, thank you Bex.”

Emily Ball

Circus performer

“Bex is such a great teacher, she’s fantastic, she’s very encouraging! She has a lovely energy to work with. She’s got a very authentic and caring approach to the way that she delivers and she meets you where your at, which is the most important thing”

Beth Môrafon

Founder and Director 

“I found her unwavering confidence in me very empowering.  She helped me find my strength and step into my potential.  I highly recommend working with Bex Baxter.”