Vocal Life Coaching

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Performance, songwriting and creative life coaching sessions are all tailored to you as an individual.

Using my music management and industry experience, I can work with you to develop what suits your vocal journey best. 

This is perfect for artists, songwriters and professionals who would like some creative career coaching to develop identity, further their brand and career plan, as well as for those just starting out on their singing journey or looking to develop presentation skills.

I’ve created two coaching ‘packages’ or together we can co-design a bespoke programme for you.

Find Your Voice


Whether you’d like to sing for your own pleasure, personal development, or something more, this programme encourages you to gently reveal the value and beauty inherent in your authentic sound and develop the vocal techniques needed to express yourself and improve confidence.

Some of the techniques covered: body awareness/body scans, correct breathing technique, connecting to your authentic voice, understanding the use of diction and phrasing, defining and exploring range and vocal placement.

  • A sense of freedom in your vocal and performance ability
  • A sense of wellbeing and pleasure that comes with appreciating your authentic voice
  • Self-acceptance and improved self-confidence
  • Understanding correct placement and breathing
  • Increased strength of vocal range and tone
  • Learn songs that celebrate you

Grow Your Voice


A programme most suited to those who have already completed the 6 week ‘Find Your Voice’ programme, or who are already experienced in singing and would like to take vocal technique and message to the next level.

Singers can bring their own songs and instruments to these sessions.

Some of the techniques covered; stamina singing, learning to launch sound, mastering the art of head voice (falsetto), advanced breathing techniques, relative pitch awareness and accuracy, enhancing your natural tone and style.

  • Deeper natural tone
  • Breath control
  • Increased stamina
  • Style and approach
  • Refine your top and lower range
  • Heal perfectionism or limiting habitual patterns
  • Learn to launch and project sound safely and powerfully

Truly passionate about transforming and freeing your creative potential.

Key coaching styles:

  • Pioneering
  • Empowering
  • Supporting

Bex holds a safe, powerful and creative space in which to explore personal challenges, relationships, creativity and internal blocks, helping you to feel
truly fulfilled and fully expressed in your life or work experiences.

Being encouraged to acknowledge the differences between the voice of guidance and the stories we create, through sessions and support, you will develop a more compassionate relationship with yourself and find the motivation to take the actions you need.

As well as a nurturing nature, allowing you to listen and trust your authentic voice, Bex’s style is creative and playful.

fully trained life coach, Bex has been practicing for over 10 years and is also a Practitioner of NLP.

As the only coach of this kind in the UK, it is a genuine pleasure to offer you the incredibly transformative effects of vocal life coaching. 

Unlike other traditional singing lessons, this unique approach goes beyond the voice as an instrument and connects to the heart of who you are and what you really want to communicate emotionally and creatively. 

As a Vocal Life Coach, I prepare a safe nurturing space from which you can embrace a healthy relationship with expressing vulnerability and emotion through the medium of your voice. I work to assist you to discover the innate intelligence within your own sound, take your space in the world and reach your goals vocally, creatively and on a personal development level.