It’s a genuine pleasure to offer you the transformative effects of Vocal Life Coaching. VLC helps you value your ideas & trust your voice. It teaches you to express yourself with clarity & confidence. It identifies & removes blocks to  creativity, helps you improve relationships, heal shame & overcome perfectionism. It can help you make the changes to life that you have been longing for.

Sessions & Courses

Live Your Truth

Find and grow your authentic voice, embrace who you really are and start living a life you love.
6 week Course

Artist Development

For artists, songwriters and creative professionals. Develop your identity, brand and vision into a personalised strategy.
6 week Course
“Hi I’m Bex, NLP practitioner and TEDX speaker with 20 years’ experience as a life coach. I have an intuitive and empathic approach to coaching and an expertise in speech, presentation and public speaking that I have used to helped hundreds of women find and express their true voice and transform their lives”.
You can choose from ‘Live your Truth’ and the ‘Artist Development’ 6 week course or  together we can co-design a tailored programme specific to you.

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Being Seen and Heard

Ever had an experience where someone really listens to your essence and leaves you feeling deeply acknowledged and seen? ‘Active listening’ is where someone receives

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Ted X Speaker | Life & Vocal Coach

• People Development Director

• Music Industry Mentor

• Professional Vocalist