Unlocking Voice

Fall in love with your voice...

Vocal Life Coaching is a unique alchemical blend of life coaching and vocal development.

As the only qualified coach of this kind in the UK, it is a genuine pleasure to offer you the transformative effects of vocal life coaching. 

During one to one sessions, we work together, getting to the root causes of themes such as perfectionism, low confidence or shame; finding and challenging limiting self beliefs, releasing restrictions which prevent you from singing authentically.  

In contrast to traditional singing lessons, this approach goes beyond the voice as an instrument and connects to the heart of what you really want to communicate, both emotionally and creatively. 

My coaching approach is based on the principle that we are most satisfied when our emotional truth – our ‘inner’ voice – is aligned with our ‘outer’ voice and full self expression.

Healing Perfectionism

Get past your own limiting self-beliefs

Release Core Restrictions

Healing the common problems of both perfectionism and low confidence and challenging the barriers to full self expression.

Celebrating Uniqueness

Identifying and loving YOU

Flow with Emotion and Creativity

Go beyond the voice as an instrument and connect to the heart of who you are and what you really want to communicate

Empowering Vulnerability

The most courageous practice

Expressing Your Truth

Embrace a healthy relationship with expressing vulnerability and emotion through the medium of your voice

An inspired approach to achieving full authentic self expression.

Recording Vocals at ‘Real World Studios’

Lessons are a safe, nurturing space.

Your are invited to embrace a healthy relationship with expressing vulnerability and emotion through the medium of your voice.


Find Your Voice

Gently reveal the beauty inherent in your authentic sound and develop foundation vocal techniques needed to express yourself and improve confidence.
6 week Course

Grow Your Voice

For those who have completed 'Find your Voice', or those already experienced in singing who would like to take your vocal technique and message to the next level.
6 week Course

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